USY / Kadima

USY stands for United Synagogue Youth, the youth program affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. USY provides an outlet for Jewish teens (grades 9-12) across the country, state, and locality to meet each other, hang out, and make lifelong friendships.

We are the METNY Region (Metropolitan New York), the KIRYAH Division and the H21 Chapter.

A Year of USY

June – August: There are many programs your child can embark on and have the experience of a lifetime. These programs include variations of USY on Wheels (bus tours of the U.S.) and Pilgrimage (trips to Israel and other European countries)

August: In late summer, USY'ers have just enough time to do laundry and leave again for METNY USY & Kadima Encampment. Encampment takes place for 8 days and encompasses everything most camps do in 8 weeks. More than 300 USYers (grades 9-12) are on one side of camp while about 150 Kadimaniks (grades 6-8) are on the other. Please NOTE: Camp Ramah DOES NOT run this program – this is run by METNY USY and its own staff, which rents out Camp Ramah. So if your child is at Ramah Berkshires all summer, this is a completely separate program and experience. Many kids who are there all summer return for Encampment.

September/October: METNY Kick-Off Dance – The first Regional program of the year, where roughly 300+ USYers get together to see their friends whom they met at Encampment. Please note this is not a program for those who are new and have never been to a regional or divisional program – this should NOT be the first Regional Program a USYer goes to.

October/November: Kiryah Fall Kinnus – A Kinnus is a home hospitality Shabbat weekend at a synagogue in the division. This is where USYers spend Friday afternoon-Sunday meeting new people and having a great experience. Since there are 4 divisions in METNY there are 4 Fall Kinnusim for the USYers. The USYers may choose to go to another division’s Fall Kinnus as long as they go to their own. They may not go to another division’s without going to their own division’s Kinnus.

December: International Convention - During winter break about 2,000 USYers from around the USA and Canada gather at a hotel in a varying state to have a convention. This is a time for those who went on summer programs to see their friends from their trip, and for those that who did not go on a summer program to have the opportunity to meet Jewish teenagers from around the country.

February: METNY Mid-Winter Kallah – A Regional program that takes place at a hotel and brings USYers together to enjoy Shabbat, spend quality time with their friends, and make new friends. All registered USY members are invited to attend Mid-Winter Kallah.

March/April: Kiryah Spring Kinnus – Another Divisional Kinnus that takes place during the Spring. This Kinnus is not only limited to 9-12th graders, but 8th graders are allowed and encouraged to go.

May: METNY Regional Convention – This is the big program of the year everyone wants to attend. To attend, you MUST be a member of USY and as a member of H2I, you must work the Purim Carnival to attend the METNY Regional Convention. At Convention, senior USYers are discharged from USY and 8th graders are welcomed in. Divisional and Regional Elections also take place at Convention and by the end of the weekend everybody leaves exhausted and happy.

June: Start all over again!!!!

KADIMA is the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism youth program for individuals in grades 6‐8.

Membership in Kadima allows Jewish pre‐teens to engage in a meaningful relationship with Judaism in an environment that is religious, educational, and social. Kadima membership provides young people the opportunity to discover their Jewish identity, and encourages middle schoolers to pursue their Jewish education, resulting in the performance of a mitzvah and a strengthened involvement in the social needs of the community. Kadima provides the setting for social, athletic, and recreational activities within the atmosphere of a Jewish way of life.

METNY Kadima’s structure is a lot like that of USY: from chapter, to Division and Region to International. We are the H2I Chapter in the Kiryah Division of the METNY region.

A Year of Kadima, in a Nutshell

August: METNY USY & Kadima Encampment – Just like USY, this 8 day sleep away camp takes place at Camp Ramah Berkshires. Kadima Encampment is a completely separate program from USY, with its own programs and staff.

December: Kadima Shabbaton – This is a home hospitality program that takes place at a Conservative Synagogue in METNY. From Friday afternoon until Saturday night, Kadimaniks spend Shabbat together, raise money for Yad B’Yad (Kadima Charity) and end the weekend with a dance.

February: 8th Grade Leadership – This program is for 8th graders who are interested in learning and embracing the different types of leadership roles available in USY. It takes place alongside METNY’s Mid-Winter Kallah, however stands alone as an individual program only for 8th graders.

May: 8th Grade Experience – Coinciding with METNY’s Regional Convention, this program brings 8th graders from all over the METNY Region together and gives them a chance to learn everything about USY. The weekend ends with the 8th graders being discharged from Kadima and inducted into USY.

Each division also has its own Kadima Coordinator who runs two Divisional Kadima Day programs thorough the year. The purpose of these programs is to give the Kadimaniks an opportunity to see their friends from other chapters as well as to make new ones.

Please contact us for more info about USY & KADIMA.