In Memory of Rabbi Evan C. Radler, Z"L

"Our children are the most recent link in a chain that reaches back through our collective memories, three and a half millenia to the revelation on Mt Sinai. By providing our children with as complete a Jewish educational experience as possible, we help insure that they will not be the last link, but that the chain will continue into the future."
Rabbi Evan C. Radler

Funds contributed to the Rabbi Evan C. Radler fund will be used to light sparks in our children and help make our chain long and strong, while encouraging people of all generations to unite through positive Jewish experiences. Mindy Radler Glickman and two members of Hillcrest's Executive Board are the executors of this fund and they can be reached at or or by leaving a message in the Hillcrest office.

Radler Fund Update

One of Rabbi Radler’s top priorities was to encourage Hillcrest’s kids to embrace Judaism. He often spoke about ensuring that this generation’s children not be the last link in the chain reaching back to Mt. Sinai. The Rabbi Evan C. Radler Memorial Fund is addressing this challenge.

"Encampment" is a thrilling end-of-summer Jewish experience. Sports, Israeli dance, Jewish arts & crafts, teen issues, campfires, boating and Israel current affairs are integrated into a warm and inviting Conservative Jewish setting including prayers, rituals and learning. Kids say they do in 8 days what most camps do in 8 weeks.

Thanks to the continued generosity of Hillcrest’s friends and members, the Rabbi Evan C. Radler Memorial Fund continues to gift an 8 day (end of summer) Jewish camping experience to Hillcrest kids following their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

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